Rediscovering Four Seasons In Jersey Boys
2018-04-23 13:49
It is quite common to see that some books have turned into movies or even plays. Sometimes, lives of prominent figures in the past are also tuned into musicals. Rarely do we find plays based on a group ?heir struggle and fame. The musical called Jersey Boys will take you to a different level and play with your expectations.

Four Seasons was a household name in the 1960?. This rock and roll group has been turned into one of the most multi-awarded musical of all time. Jersey Boys the musical made its way in the Broadway in the year 2005. This documentary-style musical has since then toured in several parts of the greater America and in the other parts of the world alongside its managing production company?est End. With the sale of Jersey Boys tickets, an enthusiast can witness this critically acclaimed show in its North American Tour and in Australia as well. Among the major awards it bagged are the impressive four Tony Awards in the year including Best Musical. The Best Actor award was received by stage actor John Lloyd Young.Christian Hoff, on the other hand, bagged the award for Best Featured Actor. Another success includes the Best Lighting Design by Mr. Howell Binkley.

The first Jersey Boys tickets were sold when the played premiered at a local theater called La Jolla Playhouse located in San Diego, California during its first out-of-town show on the fifth of October, 2004. The first set of shows last 4 months and was done until January 16, 2005. Its musical debut began in Broadway on November 6, 2005. It was at the August Wilson Theatre and starred John Lloyd Young who played the role of Frankie Valli.
Christian Hoff plays the role of Tommy DeVito in the musical. Daniel Reichard acted as Bob Gaudio whereas J. Robert Spencer played the role of no less than Nick Massi. This brilliant musical play is directed by Des McAnuff. He was then the existing artistic director of La Jolla Playhouse with the help of choreographer Sergio Trujillo. One of the most interesting features of this play is the usage of many of Four Season? hit songs to highlight the tough and story of struggle of Frankie Valli and the group? hardships and triumphs in their rise to fame.

A special holiday gig production presented in Curran from November 20 - December 30, 2007 featured a different set of actors. It starred Rick Faugno who played the most coveted role of Frankie Valli. Actor Andrew Rannells was the Bob Gaudio then. Bryan McElroy played the part of Tommy DeVito whereas Jeff Leibow was the Nick Massi of that set. Most of this holiday cast eventually became the pioneering Las Vegas cast. The cast had their very first Las Vegas show at The Palazzo Hotel on the third of May of 2008.

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